BKC Intelligent Power Plant Construction Strategy

  • Guided by the "safety and efficiency" value
  • supported by the technology of "cloud computing, big data, IoT and mobile Internet"
  • taking "AI + expert knowledge base" as the soul
  • utilizing "visualization" as display media
  • using "intelligent terminals" as control tools

to build information-based and automation power
plants of an even higher-level, get close to and finally
realize the ideal goal of intelligent information,
intelligent control, intelligent maintenance, intelligent safety,
intelligent operation as well as less dependence on human.

A world-class company equipped with intelligent engineering technologies!

Boasting of unmatched engineering practice and production management expertise with a pool of experts from fields of electric and petrochemical

devoted to development and renovation of intelligent control technology, intelligent MRO technology, intelligent safety technology, intelligent visualization technology and intelligent mobile technology
An excellent supporter for power enterprises' demand for "intelligent operation and maintenance integrated control and decision-making"

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