Visualized excellent lubricant management system

■ Key technologies

(1) Gas turbine lubricating oil and EH oil, online intelligent analysis, automatic purification technology;

(2) “Three-in-one” diagnosis and linkage technology for lubrication parts of important equipment, enabling "quantified and visualized" greasing work; 

(3) Online intelligent analysis of key parameters such as oil particle size, moisture, antioxidants, and demulsibility, interacting with the automatic filling robot.

■ Expected effect

(1) Avoid "uninterrupted" operation of the oil filter, reduce system consumption, and cut power consumption and spare parts costs by 200K RMB;

(2) Avoid equipment damage incidents caused by oil deterioration, and prevent fire accidents caused by improper lubrication, with an annual contribution of about 800k RMB;

(3) Scientific support for oil procurement decision-making, reduce inventory cost by 30%; standardize lubrication management, reduce test and oil supply workload by 30%;

(4) Comprehensively considering equipment consumption, damage and inspection and maintenance costs, the annual contribution is at least 1.5 million RMB.

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