Equipment operation and maintenance engineers and mechanics are a special hero group shouldering responsibilities of safe and reliable production, repeating the same work day after day, year after day. They often work day and night for "5+2" days, possibly having no bonus or the opportunity to get promoted. They may complain sometimes but never slack off. Their professionalism and sense of responsibility often make us feel ashamed and admired! To this end, BKC initiated a “maintenance fund” with an investment of RMB 1 million for this group from October 1, 2015. We firmly believe that this hero group is the real pillar in production of power plants.

Our force is too weak to cover everyone, but we are willing to show our care for this special hero group. We will distribute awards based on overall performance of the individual (or team).

Four criteria for overall performance:

1. Small invention, small creation, small reform; (25 points)

2. Equipment maintenance effect: 30% reduction in failure rate over the previous year; (25 points)

3. Theoretical achievements: an article published on provincial-and-above journals and magazines with regard to new ideas on the concept, process and method of equipment management; (25 points)

4. Sharing of results: two or more typical cases with general guiding meaning and wonderful summary. (25 points)

A helping hand for those in need

Either the equipment operation and maintenance engineer/ technician or his/her family members are entitled to apply for subsidy in case of injury, sickness, emergency or difficulty. As long as we have received and confirmed such application, we will give a love payment of varying amounts according to the procedure.

Example propaganda

Help this hero group sort out and tap their practical experience and elevate their theoretical level. We spread insights from the scene in the relevant media across the country, to benefit more counterparts and encourage them to do the same.

Gather the truth

On the basis of extensively summarizing the practical achievements and theories of operation and maintenance personnel, we make innovation in the concept, method, process and tools of equipment management and finally form a new equipment management standard, to comprehensively support the safety and reliability management and optimization operation of industrial enterprises. This is also a key guarantee for improving overall national strength.


Equipment operation and maintenance engineers or mechanics who meet the requirements and have assistance needs may click the link below to download the form, print it out, stamp the official seal of the company, and then mail or express the original form to: Maintenance Fund Project Department, Beijing BKC Technology CO.,LTD., 5F, Tower A, Wanlin Technology Building, No.8 Malianwa North Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100085, China, TEL: 62818088, 62816966. After the assistance needs have been reviewed and approved by the Maintenance Fund Project Department, a special person will contact the applicant and carry out assistance.

Download the Maintenance fund assistance application form of Beijing BKC Technology CO.,LTD.
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