Unmanned inspection and safety pre-control system for wind power system

■ Key technologies

(1) Unified information, work platform, management platform, decision support, and centralized maintenance;

(2) Big data and AI application based expert diagnosis knowledge base and determination of fault location, fault level, fault cause, fault solution and maintenance cost;

(3) Eliminate information silos through horizontal and vertical communication between business and professional data, and realize data sharing and centralized application;

(4) Automatic dimensional evaluation; capable of expanding the function of remote diagnosis service and sharing collective wisdom of experts.

■ Expected effect

(1) The integrated platform forms an innovative management mode, realizes remote unmanned inspection and intelligent control, and effectively controls the operation status of the wind turbine unit;

(2) The technical system formed by the remote diagnosis expert knowledge base helps to establish the data assets of the supervised equipment, improve management of the underlying data, standardize and purify from the basics, carry out all-round and multi-view control, to reduce management costs and accurately control dynamics of abnormal data;

(3) Reduce equipment damage and safety accidents, and effectively prevent major accidents such as tower collapse, serious bearing failure and fire;

(4) Overthrow traditional fault repair, master equipment operation status, make early warning on early failure, realize targeted maintenance, improve quality and efficiency, reduce maintenance cost by more than 30%, to form a new working standard.

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