• Professional intelligent technology transformation and on-site solutions
    1. Boiler burning safety and comprehensive efficiency improvement;2. Technical transformation of wide-load denitration flue gas bypass baffle;3. Dynamic flow field based denitration optimization operation and safety pre-control system;4. Technical improvement of comprehensive efficiency raising of differential self-interference based medium-speed coal mill
  • BKC Service Qualifications & Patents for Invention
    Patents for Invention: 01. Vibration fault monitoring method and device for steam turbine generator units; 02. A monitoring method for shaft condition of rotating machines; 03. A vibration fault display method and device for rotating machines; 04. Water-cooling conductor rotor, permanent magnet eddy current governor and permanent magnet eddy current coupler...
  • Global equipment remote intelligent diagnosis platform
    Living in Beijing, controlling the whole world! Realize early warning of equipment degradation trend, intelligent locking of root causes, automatic closed loop and sending of solutions, to ensure you to easily handle thousands of equipment problems!
  • Gas turbine fault diagnosis and solution
    Analysis, diagnosis and treatment of steam turbine shaft vibration and high temperature of bearing bush; optimization plan and implementation of steam-powered feed pump seal; dynamic balance solution and implementation of steam turbine rotor; modification of steam seal of steam turbine , modification of the flow passage, efficiency improvement...
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