I have always believed that only through making valuable efforts and creating visible civilizations to contribute to our nation can one's life become extraordinary in the human history!


What can influence and change one's life is often a kind of consciousness, a spirit or an attitude. A good mental state and a positive attitude towards life enable anyone to achieve considerable success and live a perfect life. This goes for an enterprise, a career, love and even everything in the world.

In order to focus our business on development and rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, I expect and require BKC employees to develop:

  • Awareness of truth

    People, either celebrities or man in the street, can only know part of the truth. Even of all people's knowledge combined can only form a majority part of the truth, not the truth in itself. Human's desire of pursuing the truth and the degree of truth accomplished work like two parallel lines, seemingly getting close to each other infinitely but actually never possible to intersect. All efforts made by mankind are just to make the distance between them closer and even closer...

  • Awareness of history

    The difference between the champion and the runner-up is so small that sometimes it can only be measured with an irrational number. Yet the pity is that history only inscribes the name of the champion. It's been a rule that environment controls a mediocrity, but the gifted person creates environment on his own. Napoleon, after conquering Egypt, walking to the pyramid, sighed, "the real, the only uncontested conquest is the conquest of ignorance." This is quite worthy of reflection.

  • Awareness of unification

    There is a stone monument in front of the Juyi Pavilion on Liangshan Marsh, reading "If two persons are of the same mind, their combined determination will overcome all obstacles." Chinese old sayings also tell us it takes two to tango and a tree cannot make a forest. We can find out it is impossible for a person to make a successful career.

  • Awareness of quality

    Quality is life and output money. You cannot make money without life. Quality products and services come from quality management, and quality management comes from active participation of employees.

  • Awareness of good and evil

    If daylight represents light and night represents darkness, theoretically darkness and light evenly share a whole day. With increase in artificial light, I firmly believe that light will always be more than darkness. This is also true for the relationship between good and evil, beauty and ugliness, greatness and smallness, sublimity and despicableness.

  • Awareness of tolerance

    Tolerance is the art of living. It is fair to say that without understanding tolerance, one will never know how to live. The ancients once said, "be tough with yourself and be easy with others." This is a kind of cultivation and a virtue.

  • Awareness of dedication

    Only when giving is more than getting can society move forward. On the contrary, how bleak the world will be, how unmeaning life would be!

  • Awareness of frugality

    It's much easier to spend money than to earn. Having much in hand, you should learn how to use it sufficiently, so that you will be free of worry in face of money shortage.

  • Awareness of diplomacy

    Contacting anyone other than yourself is a diplomatic opportunity. It is to cherish the good opportunity to delicately arrange your words and deeds. It is the time to shape your good image and help you to succeed. All manners and thoughts must be rooted in sincerity and enthusiasm so as to trigger power. Only sincerity and enthusiasm can conquer all obstacles and achieve unexpected effect.

  • Awareness of labor

    It is labor that bestows human the great spirit! Labor can cultivate a great spirit. Those who insist on pursuing the truth in labor will have a spirit close to greatness. Marx said, "those who work together for lofty goals will have their greatness ratified by history." I can't guarantee that my colleagues will become great people, but I have full confidence, believe and wish everyone to be able to lift our spirit nearer to greatness in our common work and in the creation of light for mankind.

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