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  • Visualized steam turbine fault diagnosis technology
    Rotating equipment fault diagnosis technology
    Principle and practice of dynamic balance of steam turbine units
    Principles for equipment fault diagnosis
    Working principles of sensors
    Equipment life assessment technology
    Equipment optimization and inspection technology
    Equipment MRO technology
    Fan reliability analysis
    Equipment condition maintenance and theory
    Fault analysis and preventive measures for large steam turbine units
    Vibration signal processing technology
    Breakdown and perspective principle of large equipment
    Equipment lubricating oil analysis technology
    Technical supervision (12 supervision techniques)
    Boiler explosion-proof and anti-wear technology
    Equipment excellent lubrication technology
    Electrical fault diagnosis technology
    IR thermal imaging technology
    Ultrasound diagnosis technology
    Condition detection and life management
    Steam turbine unit online monitoring system
    Precision diagnosis technology
    Intelligent power plant technology
    Permanent magnet technology
    Four-inspections-in-one technology
    Basics for safety production
    Proactive safety technology
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