Visualized underground pipe network intelligent management system

■ Key technologies

(1) Laser scanning technology and geographic information technology are employed to complete the 3D modeling of the underground pipe network of the whole power plant. The intelligent IoT sensing system is embedded to realize real-time 3D visualization of the underground pipe network;

(2) Refine 3D digital data, the whole construction process drawings are combined with laser scanning. Geographical information technology works with self-developed modeling platform to complete the modeling of the underground pipe network of the stock unit.

■ Expected effect

(1) 3D real-time visualization of underground pipe network, dynamic monitoring of operating state, dangerous points and process optimization points;

(2) Effectively and timely supervise the defects and hidden dangers of the underground pipe network, and improve the treatment efficiency of underground pipe network leakage by 300%, with the direct contribution at least 3 million RMB/year.

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