An integrated control system for intelligent power plants based on cloud 

computing, big data, IoT and mobile Internet

BKC's philosophy in constructing intelligent power plants:

Guided by the "safety and efficiency" value, supported by the technology of "cloud computing, big data, IoT and mobile Internet", taking "AI + expert knowledge base" as the soul, utilizing "visualization" as display media, using "intelligent terminals" as control tools, to build information-based and automation power plants of an even higher-level, get close to and finally realize the ideal goal of intelligent information, intelligent control, intelligent maintenance, intelligent safety, intelligent operation as well as less dependence on human.

"Six Fives" in construction of intelligent power plants of BKC:

I. Five full ranges --- full life, full equipment, full process, full data, full visualization;

II. Five technologies --- cloud, big data, IoT, mobile, blockchain, edge computing 

III. Five evaluation dimensions --- reliability, safety, availability, economy and environmental protection;

IV. Five optimizations in maintenance --- optimization of maintenance projects, optimization of maintenance period, optimization of maintenance level, optimization of maintenance management, and optimization of maintenance cost;

V. Five regulation methods --- regulation of boiler load, regulation of steam turbine load, regulation of unit load based on the power grid load, regulation of the unit power based on frequency change in the power grid, regulation of the operation voltage within the permitted range;

VI. Five management styles --- system-based management, flow-based systems, form-based flows, information-based forms, intelligent information!


BKC's guidelines for constructing intelligent power plants

I. Covering both horizontal and vertical aspects --- 

Horizontal: full process flow, material flow, transaction flow and information flow from fuel's arrival at the plant to the on-grid power (or heating/cooling to families); 

Vertical: the physical segmentation of equipment management, for dynamic equipment the component level, for the static equipment the welded junction level and for instrument control equipment the penal and card level, with the period of full life.

II. Tools, methods, goals and objectives ---

Big data, cloud computing, IoT, blockchain, edge computing, visualization, and mobile terminals are tool and methods, rather than goals and objectives.

Visualization is the body, and big data blood. Without soul, everything will be all walking dead. So where is the soul?

III. AI, expert knowledge --- 

If there is a clear causal relationship or mapping relationship between the state of the equipment and the operating state, no AI will be needed. Since there is no such relationship, AI will be needed. 

AI is not omnipotent. Only by integrating with expert experience and knowledge can it become the inner driving soul of intelligent power plants.

IV. Control intelligence, information intelligence --- 

Control intelligence refers to: automatic perception, automatic judgment, automatic decision-making, automatic execution, automatic healing;

Information intelligence refers to: automatic perception, automatic diagnosis, automatic decision making, automatic execution, automatic assessment.

V. Sticking to tradition or embracing innovation? ---

Traditional experience is like driving a car. An old road will never lead to a new destination, or even the old one!

BKC's implementation plan for construction of intelligent power plants

Core technologies and expertise of BKC:

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